‘GamerHash is done by gamers, this is our DNA and legitimizes us within global communities’

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Artur Pszczółkowski after GamerHash's victory in Singapore

Kasia Pieniądz interviews Artur Pszczółkowski, Co-Founder & CMO at GamerHash

By Kasia Pieniądz


Artur, congratulations! In only 3 years since its foundation Gamerhash gained over 500 000 users around the globe, won AIBC Malta Pitch, BlockShow Singapore, and Miami Blockchain Week - pretty impressive and it is really hard to find a blockchain company with so many successes.

Can you tell us how the whole thing started and where did the idea for Gamerhash come from?


Many thanks, when I look back, I sometimes think of how we got the trust of so many gamers so fast. It is outstanding - only with a great product & committed team, you can achieve so much. 

The whole idea started 3 years ago in the heads of the founders - Patryk & Radek. The idea was to build a self-financing supercomputer - a bit connected with SETI@Home system by the University of Berkeley & Nasa to search for stars.

We knew that gamers have substantial computing power available when idle and on the other side blockchain was providing a great incentive for providing CPU/GPU for mining. Combining both created our modus operandi.

Later on, we added also Play&Earn solution in which players are incentivized for playing games and a marketplace in which gamers can spend their mined crypto - for example, for Spotify, Netflix, or Amazon coupon cards. Young people can easily pay for their most-used services.

I joined Gamerhash a year ago, also as an investor, and from that point in time we started global expansion and building brand recognition - and winning top 3 pitches in 3 continents within 3 months helped us a lot. It allowed us to partner with top crypto projects like Chainlink, AEternity or Coinfirm.


Can you tell us more about the Gamerhash team and business partners? Who is behind this enormous success?


First of all, GamerHash is done by gamers, this is our DNA and legitimizes us within global communities. We have around 15 people in our team with two strong pillars - development & delivery is the first one, and the second is social & communication. 

I have the pleasure to be one of the project leaders, together with Patryk. We have several years in building scalable businesses and now we put 120% of our time and efforts.

Within the management board, we have great personalities like the owner of EU safest Tier4 Data Center, Community leaders, International Bix-Dev leaders, etc. Two members of our team are Oxford Blockchain Programme alumni and have a very strong international network.


During the current COVID-19 pandemic, many companies from the gaming sector have grown. Was it Gamerhash’s case too? Have you noticed any increase in user activity during a lockdown?


Yes, definitely - both of our pillars are growing - blockchain & gaming. The whole gaming sector is in a very interesting situation nowadays. For several years, games were treated as something for outsiders who don't see daylight - even though the gamer profile has changed more into 30+ & income. This year WHO changed the definition and games actually become helpful for people with social disorders, who couldn't leave their homes due to covid. WHO advised playing online games to have contact with people. That's a twist (laughs)


Gamerhash has more reasons to celebrate - your token GamerCoin (GHX) attracted many investors and collected $2,8 million in BTC, ETH and USD, EUR, and PLN during the private sale round. Once again - congrats! Can you tell us more about this project?


Many thanks! Will be happy to share it with our talented team. It was the effort of many people.

We are about to emit our token GamerCoin $GHX which is the last puzzle of our platform. This is the native utility token of GamerGash. 

Our token will be emitted by our Maltese entity within EU jurisdiction. We have a long road map which inc. conquering Asia with our project, so we wanted to be fully legitimized. The offshore concept was a no-go for us.

Within the regulatory frame, we were doing a private sale of our GHX token, which we concluded with HardCap - so selling everything that got. It's great information to approach our first listing. We believe that working hand in hand with regulators and seeing great purchase demand on the market is a great indicator for our next steps.


So, what’s next? What are Gamerhash plans? Is there any market you would particularly like to conquer?


Until now we got more than 500k gamers in our platform registered. It's a great asset of ours, but also an indicator of what can happen in Asia. 

Going east for us is a natural step - gaming is a religion there and electricity is cheaper. That's a perfect match for us! 

We see great potential in countries like South Korea, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore for both - our GamerHash platform & our GamerCoin token. China is a big question mark for us - mining regulations are changing too often to build a stable business strategy.

On the development side, we have a number of great functionalities coming to our users next year. 

Reaching HardCap was a very important step for us, now we will enter a phase in which we will start to deliver all the commitments. We are so energized - it will be a great ride, so stay tuned with GamerHash!