SPBA’s President Katharina Lasota Heller reveals future plans

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As our association is approaching its second anniversary, we have decided to ask few key questions to our President

By Kasia Pieniądz


Two years after its foundation in 2018, Swiss-Polish Blockchain Association is still going strong, gaining new followers and international recognition, organizing blockchain-related events in partnership with Crypto Valley Association and building a big network of blockchain professionals. You, as President of the Board, must be proud seeing this development. After all that success, what are the next goals of SPBA? 


Indeed, it is a very good feeling, seeing that Swiss-Polish Blockchain Association is growing. My biggest reason to be proud of is that we were able to raise awareness regarding Polish IT skills and to find possibilities for bringing synergies between Swiss and Polish blockchain scene. In fact, one of the first blockchain companies which were established in Crypto Valley was a company with Polish shareholding – Golem. Then more followed. 


Our next goals – depending on the situation related to COVID – are to organize an event in October or November related to use of blockchain in logistics or run an interview with Milosz Matuschek – the icon if Swiss journalism focused on blockchain.

However, I need to admit that it is very difficult to plan these days. 


SPBA is an association founded in Switzerland by Swiss and Polish blockchain professionals. I assume that especially nowadays, when we live in a global village and, because of coronavirus, we connect mainly online, members from other countries would be more than welcome too?


Definitely, we are open for other nationals to join. However, it is our USP – to stay focused on Polish – Swiss Cooperation. We will welcome all other nationals interested and/or doing digital business with Poland and/or Switzerland .


I know that there are people interested in becoming SPBA members, but who do not have a blockchain background. What would you tell them? Do you see the possibility of membership for individuals and companies outside the strictly blockchain industry? 


Definitely yes. Firstly, one of the goals of the SPBA is to share knowledge. Thus, everybody who is interested in getting to know what blockchain is, what are the use cases is welcome to join. Secondly, blockchain already exist in many areas of life (like logistics). Thus, there is no need to have a strong background related to blockchain in order to use them. I would encourage others to simply discover how to navigate in blockchain driven systems. There is no need to program or to write protocols. 


A year ago, SBPA organized a well-attended Swiss-Polish Blockchain Symposium in Warsaw.  Are you planning another such event this year? 


We were planning such an event to take place in December in Swiss Alps, possibly connected with skiing activities, something like small Swiss-Polish Davos, however we need to postpone the event to next year, obviously due to the corona situation.